Our Team

Our Team

Meet the Team

Jim “Flash” Gordon

Purveyor off all things Craft, Whiskey Lover, boss and barman and chef, depending on the time of day.

John McCabe

Knows as “Farmer” John due to his country upbringing. Lover of fast cars, budding mechanic and our baby faced charmmeister barman.


Chef, Family Man, Marriage on the Way; His motto in life…”the way to a womans heart is good Food & Vino..”


Liam McCole

Anglo Saxon, Chef, Purveyor of good food, party animal.

Sarah Wickham

Our longest member of Staff, with us since time began (or so it seems), fast & furious behind the bar, skills only a mother would have!

Jason Lonergan

Manager, Happiest barman, Fashion follower, Tattoo lover. Never tasted Craft Beer till starting in Revolution. Now Craft Beers biggest advocate.


Dean Rowe

The Newest to our team, Outward Personality, Irish Charm, Food Professional and a hunger to know more about Craft Beer and Whiskey.

Helena Walsh

“Sarahs” Drinking Buddy, Chatty, Endeavours to accommodate all of your requirements.

Jonathan “Bubbles”

Dancer, Twinkle toes, Panto Man, a new age man with a predilection for Theatrics



Mark, the newest and youngest (looking) part of our team. Energetic, creative and one hell of a chef.