BAOILLEACH – FIRST CUT- The Father – Potstill – 4 Grain – 59.3%



1 x 40ml

The FIRST CUT is the first New Make spirit to flow off the new stills here at Baoilleach Distillery.

As with all first spirits, it was greeted with excitement and trepidation but thankfully it  exceeded all our expectations. We now look forward to producing some truly exciting and flavoursome Irish Whiskey.

Irish Whiskey -New Make – Peated

The Father –  Potstill – Mash bill

15% Donegal Raw Oat, 7% Irish Raw Rye, 30% Donegal Raw Barley and 48% Peated Irish Malt Barley, the Malt was peated on site with a mixture of Peat from the distillery site and the family bog near Glenveagh. Double distilled – First wash distillation in a 1000L Potstill -Second spirit distillation in a 310L Potstill.


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