Waterford Micro Cuvee Tasting Set


Appearance: Straw with legs of oils coating the glass.

Nose: Earthy maltiness & fresh soil, citrus peel, breadcrust, clove, white pepper, caramel, milk chocolate, salted popcorn, barnyard, oak green foliage.

Taste: It’s a spice bomb up front; with cloves, white pepper, salted caramel, liquorice, ginger biscuits, lemon zest, & chilli chocolate.

Finish: Dry, but it leaves a lasting oiliness that holds the spiciness for a long time.



Appearance: Light gold with oils that grip & legs that slowly meander down the glass.

Nose: Warm custard, bread baking, red apple, milk chocolate, dried flowers, butter cream, pine needles. It reminds me of waiting to eat a rhubarb & apple tart fresh from the oven with custard & cream to hand.

Taste: A gentle clove to start that leads into proving bread & malted biscuits, in the middle a pepperiness that travels back my tongue then honeydew melon & pears.

Finish: It doesn’t, it meanders along like a tributary to the start of a great river.



Appearance: Light copper with oils so thick they look like engine oil that’s missed the last few services.

Nose: Malty, fruit cake, cloves, orange chocolate, crème caramel, barnyard, red currants, forest undergrowth and white pepper.

Taste: Spiced cinnamon apple with custard, milk chocolate and fruit compote.

Finish: A warm gentle spice with chocolate, dry and lingering.

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  • Waterford Micro Cuvee
  • Waterford Hook Head
  • Waterford Lakefield


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