Waterford South Africa & UK Exclusive


Appearance: Colour and legs that look like a liquid sunset.

Nose: Malted biscuits, rhubarb tart, toffee, almonds, aniseed, white mustard, grass drying into hay, marshmallows, coffee cream, red apples and red grapes.

Taste: Cloves, sweets, apples, black pepper, ginger nut biscuits, crème brûlée, liquorice, barley sweets, dried basil and sherry trifle.

Finish: A spicy oiliness that tingles on the tongue, and lingers into a dry gentle sweetness.



Appearance: A yellow gold with oily legs that grip the glass like a free mountain climber.

Nose: Dried flowers with fern and sage, dry hay , warm lavender, buttery, dried tea, porridge, milk chocolate, toasted bread, grapefruit, cloves, fudge and ripe banana.

Taste: Cloves, black pepper, ginger, custard, tobacco, malty, soft spices, citrus peel, blood orange, dark chocolate and lemon posset.

 Finish: A gentle oily spice that leaves a hint of ginger and lemon.



Appearance: Yellow gold, with teardrop oils that may not meet the bottom of the glass. 

Nose: Red apple, marzipan, cocoa powder, raisins, rolled barley, green tea, mint leaf, white grapes, fresh soil, green foliage & brown sugar.

Taste: Spiciness that reminds me of Chinese Five Spice; orange & lemon zest, toffee shards, barley sugar, lemon sherbet & banana.

Finish: The heat from the spice gives way to dryness, which then brings on a lovely oiliness at the end.

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