FATHERS DAY Waterford Whisky Set



4 x 40 Ml in Presentation Box


Appearance: Amber to deep gold, the glass is coated with oils.

Nose: Barley, bread, earthy, orange peel, light vanilla, barnyard, berries (fruits of the forest), green leaves.

Taste: Creamy, bread crust, white pepper, soft spice, orange (reminds me of Jaffa cakes) and berries. A long-lasting orange, oily finish.


Appearance: Light to medium honey colour; the glass is well-coated with very slow legs.

Nose: Malty, red roses, very fresh. Milk chocolate. Warm vanilla custard. Dried fruit, sweet, a perfumed elegance. Bread-and-butter pudding and custard. Walking through a freshly-cut hay field.

Taste: Vibrant, exuberant: white pepper, spicy, cloves, mouth coating with a dried sweetness of salted caramel. Malted biscuits, sherry. Oily and dry finish – mouth puckering.


Appearance: Light hay to honey, very oily.

Nose: Berries with fresh foliage, redcurrants, grapes, barnyard. Vibrant and again freshly cut grass.

Taste: Cooked bananas with brown sugar, and plenty of heat. Mulled wine and cinnamon. A dry, oily lasting finish.


Appearance: An amber hue, with oils that hold on for dear life.

Nose: Earthy, clove, fruit cake, lightly spiced poached pears in red wine, honeycomb ice cream, midsummer hay.

Taste: Gentle spice mix with lasting cloves that dries, citrus peel marmalade, porridge, fresh honey.

Finish: Long clove with spice that leaves a warm tingle on the front of my tongue.


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