Waterford Whisky Ratheadon 1.1 x 40ml



1 x 40ml – 50% Vol

Using 100% Irish barley, widely considered to be the world’s finest, Waterford Whisky’s new Single Farm Origin series is an uber-provenance range of limited edition natural whiskies that explore Irish terroir one farm, once place, at a time. They are expressions of precision and rarity, showcasing barley flavours derived from individual Irish farms and harvests.

This bottling, Edition 1.1, is again an Irish exclusive release as will be the case for all bottlings from Ratheadon. This time, having learned just how significant the demand was locally, Waterford Whisky have bottled a significant quantity – 1,500 bottles, in fact.

Appearance: Amber with thick oils and legs to die for.

Nose: The youth catches you, but then floral and honey comes in to soften; digestive biscuits, malty, gentle spices that tingle your nose, mandarins; berry fruits as you sit into a leather seat that’s a snug fit (that might just be me though).

Taste: White pepper, ginger, pearl barley, honey oiliness, soft spices, orange barley sweets.

Finish: The spice lingers just long enough, oily mouthfeel that is endlessly mouthwatering.


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