The Design

“There is a fine line between chaos and curated Boho | Eclecticism”. 

Do not make the mistake of thinking that anything goes with this unique interiors. It is unapologetic when mixing finishes and layering elements of the décor and while there are no hard and fast rules here, the design team set out to create an interior bursting with personality that embraces elements of layered textures and natural finishes.

Faux leather booth’s, macabre art pieces, and a wall of Belgian Gilt mirrors are wrapped up in gently worn Mid-Century lamp shades mimicking Vintage corsets, antique tables brushed with gold leaf, rustic mismatched chairs and walls washed in Earth Pigments sourced from  The House of L. Cornelissen & Son, London.

“This is a space designed for sipping aged whiskey, craft beers and modern classics”.   
Proprietor: Jim “Flash” Gordon