Green Spot



Green Spot is a 100% pure pot still whiskey that can trace its roots to the early 1900s, when Jamesons sold whiskey to wine merchants Mitchell & Son. In those days it was common practice for wine merchants and publicans to bottle their own whiskey but sell it under the distiller’s brand name. Green Spot became as famous as Jameson itself and it is one of just a few old merchant brands that is still available. It was called Pat’s Whiskey in the early part of the 20th century and became part of a range that included Blue Spot, Yellow Spot and Red Spot, all of which had different ages and recipes. Yellow Spot has now been revived and maybe we’ll see a few more coloured versions on the shelves in years to come. The current Green Spot is made at Midleton from pot still whiskey aged between seven and nine years, with 25% coming from sherry casks and a medium weight pot still content. Made in very limited quantities, it is highly prized by drinkers, whiskey writers and Celtic Whiskey Shop staff…


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