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Killowen Stone Soup Poitin

Killowen Stone Soup Poitin is the latest release from Killowen Distillery. A proud celebration of contemporary Irish distillation as well as ancient methods. The palate is somewhat sweet and almost sticky, with some delightful oily leather, earthiness, menthol, and brown sugar. Warming and smooth without any unpleasant burn. This limited run is for only 252 bottles so be sure to grab yours before it’s gone

Killowen Rum & Raisin Batch 4 6 Year Old

The latest in the Killowen Rum & Rasin collection has landed! This exclusive single malt has aged in Killowen’s very own Dark Rum casks which creates superb notes of rich molasses and tropical fruits. Then it’s transferred to PX casks which provide delicious dried fruits flavours. It boasts notes of fresh apple juice on the nose with a sweet taste of coconut and dark sugar, while it has a smooth finish with hints of toffee. This expression has been bottled at a cask strength of 55% ABV. This is a limited release with only 990 bottles available.

Killowen Bulcán Irish Poitín – Part 1 – Still Strength

Part 1 of a 2 part Bulcan poitin release from Killowen Distillery. This Poitin is older than whiskey, older than moonshine and was the ancient drop of choice at Irish funerals and wakes. Due to the huge oat content, this spirit is extremely viscous,with liquorice flavours in abundance, custard cream, white dessert wine and leathery texture thanks to the oat’s oily goodness.

Killowen Bulcán Poitín Pinot Noir Rested – Part 2 of 2

Bulcan was the ancient drop of choice at Irish funerals and wakes and this latest release from Killowen Distillery pays homage to those times. This small batch poitin is made from a unique mashbill of 50% malted oats, 50% malted barley and is 100% smoked at still strength. Rested in Pinot Noir Burgundy for 10 weeks and bottled at an impressive 67.5% ABV.


4 x 40 Ml in Presentation Box

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