Midleton Very Rare 1984


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Obtaining a full collection of Midleton Very Rare Vintages is no easy task. It has become increasingly difficult in terms of time, money and scarcity. This collection has been assembled over four years of searching for Midleton Very Rare bottles from all over the world including the US, Japan and Greece as well as France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Austria, UK and Ireland. It is nearly impossible to source older vintages particularly the first ten years. Other vintages that are very scarce and difficult to find include the 1995, 1997, 2002, 2003 and 2009 vintages. The collection includes both versions of the 2017 vintage. Please note the 1986 bottling is missing is certificate and has a discoloured label.

Midleton Very Rare represents the pinnacle of Irish Whiskey and has proven to be a good long term alternative investment. This is an opportunity to own a near full collection of Midleton Very Rare vintages and Midleton Very Rare always commands a premium particularly as the growth of premium Irish Whiskey spreads internationally.

The collection is for auction with a disclosed reserve of €24,000, allowing an ample budget to purchase the Midleton Very Rare 1988 Edition required to complete the collection.


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