Two Stacks THE BIG ONE – tasting set


4 x 40 Ml in Presentation Box

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  • Two Stacks Apple Brandy Cask – Revolution Exclusive   63%

  • Two Stacks The Big One  Part  1 – Iced Wine & Peat   59%

  • Two Stacks The Big One  Part 2  – Apricot Brandy Cask  59.5%

  • Two Stacks The Big One  Part 3  – Pineapple Brandy Cask    58.5%



Two Stacks Apple Brandy Cask Revolution Exclusive 63%

NOSE – Like walking into a sweet shop and sticking your head in a tub of apple drops, with a side pairing of chocolate raisins and walnut cookies, a hint of clove and boot polish.

Taste – Apples for days, a rich sticky spiciness is comforted by a caramel-dipped apple note

Finish – A warm glow of toasted oat and spice

THE BIG ONE – PART 1 – Iced Wine Cask  59.5%

Exclusively Bottled for Friends of Irish Whiskey Single Cask – Peated Single Malt – First Fill Bourbon Cask Aged2nd Fill Cabernet Franc Iced Wine Finish Cask 0104460 Limited Edition 13/55

THE BIG ONE PART 2  –  Apricot Brandy Cask 

NOSE – A complete fruit-fest on the nose. Aromas of peeling a clementine orange, fresh marmalade, lots of evident apricot influence. Then there’s an unusual sweetness with Parma Violets, fruit salad sweets and honey, giving this a very distinctive nose full of vibrancy.

PALATE – A second dose of oranges, but this time it’s more tangerines with fresh baked poached pears drizzled in cinnamon sugar. Lovely texture and mouthfeel. Lots of nut flavours are coming through too, with almonds being most distinct. The 2% of peat makes it quite hard to find, and it’s quite inconspicuous. The finish is clearly helped by the ABV, which is not overpowering at all but adds a delicate level of warmth coupled with some more gentle sweetness of toffee which comes through gradually.

FINISH – A truly one-of-a-kind whiskey, with a long-lasting finish that trickles down the back of the neck and stays with you long after you put the bottle back on the shelf.

THE BIG ONE PART 3  –  Pineapple Brandy Cask

NOSE – Sweet Pineapple Chunks, Vanilla, Honey

PALATE – Lots of Sweetness – Pineapple to the front, a kick of Spice from the 58.5% ABV – Beautiful long-lasting sweet finish with pot still spice



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