Two Stacks Tasting Set with The Big One Limited Release


Two Stacks Blenders Cut Cask Strength 65.15%

Adopting the same complex blend that gives Two Stacks. The First Cut its distinct character; The Blenders Cut Cask Strength showcases its true identity. Allowing each component to be rested in hand selected casks, imparting a refined flavour and finish. This limited and specially blended whiskey is given the time and patience required for that delicate balance. A perfect marriage of nature & nurture; a whiskey to be enjoyed neat & never rushed.

Two Stacks Irish Whiskey Smoke & Mirrors 48%

Smoke & Mirrors Peated Stout Cask Single Malt is an interesting combination consisting of 10% double malt and 30% triple peated malt, both matured in ex-bourbon, 60% triple distilled malt aged in ex-bourbon and ex-imperial stout casks. Smoke & Mirrors manages the perfect balance between the sweet peated notes and dry chocolate flavors, rounded off with distinct vanilla notes and heavier oils from ex-bourbon double distilled malt. Soft, rich with sweet notes of smoked chocolate. Colour free and non-chill filtered.

Two Stacks Apple Brandy Cask 63%

NOSE Like walking into a sweet shop and sticking your head in tub of apple drops, with a side pairing of chocolate raisins and walnut cookies, a hint of clove and boot polish.
PALATE Apples for days, a rich sticky spiciness is comforted by a caramel dipped apple note
FINISH A warm glow of toasted oat and spice



4 x 40 Ml in Presentation Box

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  • Two Stacks Apple Brandy Cask  53%

  • Two Stacks The Big One  59.5%

  • Two Stacks Blenders Cut Cask Strength 65.15%

  • Two Stacks Smoke & Mirrors  48%



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