Midleton 30 Year Old x 40ml



1 x 40ml –

ABV: 40%

This whiskey, first laid down in 1969 had just two surviving barrels. This is due largely to the evaporation spirit over the course of time. A yield of only 400 bottles followed 30 years of maturation in cask. This whiskey has very traditional, strongly flavoured attributes indigenous of the old Midleton distillery.

Ingredients Combination of Malted and Unmalted Barley from the Old Midleton Distillery
Alcohol % 40%
Types of Barrel used for Aging Sherry and Bourbon Casks
Vintage 1969
Serving Suggestion
Serving Suggestion To be enjoyed neat, or with just a little water
Barry Walsh (Ex IDL Chief Blender), 4th November, 1998. ‘On tasting the spirit, one is immediately aware that this whiskey is different – 30 years in wood has ensured that. There is a full bodied assault on the palate by clean, crisp, spicy, leathery, even fruity pot still notes – robust yes, but not overly so. One of the hall mark characteristics of great age in a whiskey is clearly evident – a pleasing dryish, gentle woodiness. No one flavour dominates; after 30 years in cask they have ironed out their differences and work together to achieve the other characteristic of a great old whiskey – complexity of taste, which, in this whiskey, is truly unique – there is no short cut to acquiring the particular complexity and the delicate mellow nuances of a 30 year old spirit. Only 400 hundred bottles remain of what was always recognised as a great whiskey at 15 years old. Now, after 30 years, this Midleton is an unsurpassed example of the wonderful taste of very old pure pot still Irish whiskey – truly one of the great and rarest whiskeys of the world.’


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